Water Capacity Building Network

Our Mission

To help build sustainable human and institutional capacity in the water sector for sustainable development

Our Vision

To build strategic partnerships and provide access to relevant knowledge related to capacity building in the water sector

Our Themes
  • Climate change in IWRM
  • Knowledge and Information Management for IWRM
  • River Basin Management, and
  • Integrated Urban Water resources Management (IUWRM), 
  • Ecosystem Management Approaches to IWRM
  • Groundwater management
Our Aim

Capacity building for multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral and holistic approaches for achieving sustainable, equitable, economical and efficient use and development of water resources.

About Us

WaterCap is an open country Network in Kenya affiliated to UNDP/Cap-Net for developing multi-Disciplinary, multi-Sectoral capacity towards sustainable, equitable, economical and efficient use of water resources. WaterCap works at the regional level in collaboration with partners Networks and with UNDP/Cap-Net for global level activities. WaterCap programmes aim at providing training and information to managers and practitioners at national and basin levels, and to raise appreciation with a view to;

  • a. Support implementation of IWRM - translating concepts to field application.
  • b. Motivate policy and management actions to address constraints and capacity gaps in IWRM implementation.
  • c. Improve knowledge and competencies of trainers to deliver and cascade capacity for IWRM.
  • d. Developing IWRM reference cases and materials

i. Members Driven

WaterCap members govern the network and their priorities and needs drive the agenda in sustainable water resources management.

ii. Inclusive

WaterCap engages all people and organizations within the water sector and other related fields, placing immense value on diversity experience in the management of water. The network provides a platform for learning and sharing on sustainable development and IWRM

iii. Innovative

WaterCap fosters learning and sharing that result in collective advances and innovation in the water sector.

WaterCap membership is open to willing individuals and institutions who are committed to supporting adaptation, capacity development and implementation of IWRM The Network is a platform for conceptualising higher competence, interaction, strength and response in support of sustainable water resources management and as a member of WaterCap you will have an opportunity share and interact with a fascinating pool of actors, partners and collaborators, where your work is appreciated and supported. Apply for membership by filling the forms

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